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Mobile application

Swedbank app - bank in your hands!

  • New! Mobile contactless payments - pay with your phone.
  • Biometrics – log in with your Fingerprint or Face-ID
  • Push notifications - get notified about your business account activity free of charge

Available for OS versions - iOS 13.0 (or later) and Android 5.0 (or later).


Mobile application for iPhone Mobile application for Android

Changes for app users using iPhones

From 8 February 2021 we will stop supporting iOS 12 operating system. Customers using 5/5s, 6/6 Plus and iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch (6th generation) will not be able to update the app anymore.

How does it affect our app users?

  • It will be possible to continue using the app, but it won’t be possible to update it and use the latest features that come with the new updates.
  • If the app is deleted from the device, it will not be possible to download it again.
  • For those customers who are not able to download the Swedbank app anymore, we suggest using the internet browser on the mobile device to access Internet Banking.

What`s new!


Biometric data is the most convenient method for accessing your Swedbank app. It allows you to use your unique data, such as fingerprint or facial features, in order to:

  • Securely log in.
  • View account balance instantly.
  • Confirm payments (up to 100 eur 10 times in a row).
  • Access internet bank without additional login via app menu section “services”.

Account balance widget

To check your balance quickly, use the widget:

  • Set up widget on your home screen
  • Tap on the icon
  • View your account balance without logging in into the mobile app.

See how to add widget:

Android device

iOS device

Push notifications

Be aware of customer payments in your business account instantly – free of charge. You can easily turn push notifications on or off in the mobile app.

Payments by phone

What could be more convenient than being able to pay with your phone!

In addition to new features, we also have updated your favourite and usual ones, so you can continue enjoying them at a new level.

In this section, you will see all your company accounts with Swedbank, as well as recent transfers. Choose your most convenient way for displaying accounts (if you have more than one) and recent transfers:

  • All accounts in one window
  • Each account separately

You can easily choose a recent transfer as a template for a new payment if the recipient is the same.

We know that sometimes payments are urgent. We have grouped payments for easy navigation and quick selection:

  • Most frequent payments
  • Payments between your accounts
  • Defined payments
  • Instant payment to another bank in Latvia what joined Instant payments schema
  • New domestic payments

Everything you need to manage with your business card you can do from the mobile app:

  • Block the card and unblock it within 10 days
  • change card limits (legal representative only)
  • allow or prohibit contactless payments (legal representative only)

For other actions, you will be redirected to our mobile responsive Internet Bank.

This functionality will be useful for getting instant updates about customer payments.

  • You can easily turn notifications on and off
  • Get notified about your business account activity free of charge

As a bank of many products and services, we believe your company uses much more than only cards and payments. Hence, we have created a services section which includes:

  • Company loans
  • Smart terminals (mPOS)
  • Possibility to apply for new services

In the contacts section, you will find how to reach us:

  • by phone
  • by Skype
  • by e-mail

Or find the nearest branch on the map integrated in the mobile app where you can meet us in person.

New Swedbank Latvia app is available for any smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) with software versions:

  • iOS: 13.0 or later
  • Android: 5.0 or later

For using biometrics:

  • Device must have fingerprint or face recognition sensor
  • Android - 6.0 version
  • iOS - 13.0 version
  • Go to Google Play or App Store
  • Download Swedbank Latvia app

Enjoy convenient daily banking!

Please note! Update will be available only for devices with operating system versions specified in the "Conditions".
  • Always protect your smartphone or tablet computer with a password.
  • Don't let any one else use your smart phone or tablet computer.
  • Have an anti-virus app installed.
  • Always follow the instructions from your smartphone manufacturer when enabling biometrics.

Smart-ID is a free mobile app for conveniently logging in, making payments on the Swedbank Internet Banking site and the mobile app.

Use the mini card terminal together with a smart phone or tablet PC to deliver outstanding payment experience for your customers.

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