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Authentication tools

Access options for Internet Bank and Mobile Bank

We advise you to have at least 2 authentication solutions for both the Internet Bank and Mobile Bank. Choose the authentication tools that suit your needs the best:

  • Smart-ID – recommended for the Internet and Mobile Bank.
  • Biometrics (fingerprint or face recognition) – recommended for the Mobile Bank.
  • ID card.
  • PIN calculator.

Download Smart-ID. Register Smart-ID QES yourself!

Authentication tools


We recommend it!


Recommended for app!

ID card

PIN calculator

Internet Bank access agree agree agree agree
Mobile Bank access agree agree No agree
Consultation Centre access agree No No agree
Electronic signature agree No agree No
Issuing fee Free Free According to PMLP’s price list for a private person over 65 years of age (incl.) 2 €
for a private person up to 65 years of age 6 €
Monthly fee No No No No
How to get it? Activate on your smart device At PMLP Swedbank’s branches

* Agreement and account limits set in the Remote Banking Services Agreement.

What’s the Smart-ID?

Smart-ID is a free mobile app for conveniently logging in, making payments and signing agreements on the Swedbank Internet Banking site and the mobile app.

To use the Smart-ID, you need:

  • A smartphone that meets the minimum technical requirements set for Smart-ID
  • Mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Smart-ID Basic

  • improved electronic signature with non-qualified certificate;
  • can be used for e-services offered by banks.

Smart-ID qualified electronic signature (QES)

  • You need to be at least 18 years old to use it.
  • Register on your own using biometric identification (if you’ve previously had a Smart-ID account), register at branch together with a consultant, or in the Smart-ID website with an eID card.
  • Can be used on e-service provider websites/tools to log in, if the e-service provider has an agreement with SK ID Solutions AS.
  • Can be used to sign documents with qualified electronic signature. It is equivalent to a document signed by hand.
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The Smart-ID mobile app can be downloaded and used in both the personal and the business version of Internet Banking service.

  1. Download the Smart-ID app.
  2. Register and create a Smart-ID account.
  3. Create and memorize PIN1 and PIN2 codes.
  4. Confirm the PIN codes and your data.

To register Smart-ID with consultant’s assistance:

  1. Download Smart-ID app.
  2. Visit a branch.
  3. Bring your Android or iOS smart device.
  4. Bring your identity document – passport or ID card.

To save time, book a consultation in advance here via Internet Banking.

Book a consultation
  1. Download the Smart-ID app.
  2. Prepare your eID. Make sure in advance that you have the eID card with valid certificates and PIN codes, and have the necessary eID card software installed.
  3. Insert your eID card in a compatible card reader.
  4. Open the link “Registration with eID”.
  5. Register and create your Smart-ID account.
  6. Create and memorize PIN1 and PIN2 codes.
  7. Confirm the PIN codes and your data.

* Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature. Read more

Why does the Smart-ID expire?

Just like you need to renew your passport and/or ID card time from time, also electronic signatures issued via Smart-ID must meet various legal requirements, one of which is renewal of Smart-ID every three years. This will verify that your Smart-ID is linked to the relevant person and their personal data.

What happens if Smart-ID is not renewed?

If the date of expiry arrives before you’ve managed to renew the Smart-ID, you will no longer be able to continue using it to access Internet Banking, receive e-services, confirm transactions or sign documents.

How to find out the expiry date of my Smart-ID?

You have several options:

You can always check the status of your Smart-ID in the app: “User info” → “Account active until:”

Do I need the device where my Smart-ID was initially installed to renew the Smart-ID?

Yes, because the Smart-ID account is linked to the device. The renewal process is performed on the same device if the app has been updated to version 18. The old Smart-ID account is deleted during the renewal process because a new account is registered.

How to update the Smart-ID app version?

If the user has enabled automatic updating of all apps, the new version of the Smart-ID app will be installed automatically and the user does not need to do anything.

If the user has not enabled automatic updates, this can be done manually. The user needs to go Google Play or AppStore, locate the Smart-ID app and choose “Update”.

How to renew your Smart-ID account?

There are several ways to do it. Choose the one that suits you best:

  • Do the renewal yourself via the Smart-ID app in Smart-ID Basic if the app has been updated to version 18; follow the guide in the link: Smart-ID page
  • Register Smart-ID QES on your own with biometric identification or eID card
  • Go to branch, book the consultation in advance

What is Smart-ID biometric identification?

Smart-ID biometric identification is the latest and most innovative Smart-ID remote registration method.

To use the automatic biometric identification, you need to have had a Smart-ID account in the past. In addition to the above, you need:

  • a passport or eID card;
  • a smart device with NFC support;
  • a smart device with a camera;
  • Android version 5 or iOS 13;
  • access to mobile phone number/e-mail that was specified for previously registered Smart-ID account.

When should the Smart-ID biometric identification be used for Smart-ID registration?

The automatic biometric identification method is very convenient for all users. Users are recommended use biometric identification if:

  • they wish to change the Smart-ID PIN codes;
  • a new device has been purchased;
  • Smart-ID is about to expire or has expired;
  • they want to upgrade their Smart-ID account, from Smart-ID Basic to Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature.

Important! To use the biometric identification, you need to have a valid Smart-ID or have had a Smart-ID account in the past.

If you’re a Swedbank customer, then to enable the option to log in to Internet Banking with Smart-ID Basic registered at another bank, please log in with the code card, PIN calculator or eID card and activate the Smart-ID on the “Settings” page under “My contacts and settings.

If you’re a Swedbank customer and you have Smart-ID QES that is registered with another bank, you can log in to Swedbank Internet Banking without activation using the registered Smart-ID QES.

You’re not a Swedbank customer yet, you can apply for account opening here.


You can log in and confirm payments with extra ease by using your biometric data – that way you won’t have to memorize or enter any codes! Biometrics is currently one of the most secure ways of authentication which ensures that only you can access specific apps and data because you only save your biometric data - facial image or fingerprint - in your smartphone.

In the mobile app

In our app, you can use the biometric data to:

  • Log in
  • Confirm payments

How to start using biometrics in the mobile app:

  • In order to use your biometric data in the Swedbank app, first you need to enable usage of biometrics in your smart device settings.
  • The smart device must have a fingerprint or face recognition sensor.

Instructions on how to enable biometric data in the smart device and mobile app:

In Internet Banking

You can also log in to Internet Banking with biometric data. In order to use your biometric data in Internet Banking, first you need to enable usage of biometrics in your mobile app.

How to log in to Internet Banking with biometric data?

  • Enable biometric data in the mobile app
  • Choose Biometrics as the log-in method in the Internet Banking browser
  • Enter your user ID and identity number in Internet Banking
  • The control code generated in Internet Banking must be compared against the code in the Swedbank mobile app
  • If the codes match, confirm using biometrics
  • After confirmation, you will be logged in to Internet Banking

In the mobile app, with the fingerprint or face recognition sensors you can:

  • Log in to the app
  • Conveniently and quickly check your account balance
  • Confirm payments (up to 100 euros, 10 times in a row)
  • Manage your cards (block and unblock them, change their limits)
  • Repay outstanding credit card limit
  • Through the “Services” section of the app, you can access Internet Banking without any additional login

In Internet Banking, with the fingerprint or face recognition sensors you can:

  • Log in to your Internet Banking profile

eID card with the eSignature is designed to make everyday life easier. It allows confirming agreements, invoices and other documents electronically.

eID card is a way of proving your identity also in the digital environment. The computer must be properly prepared before the eID card and the signature embedded in it can be used.

eID functionality in Swedbank Internet Banking

  • User rights and limits
  • Making payments with higher limits
  • Agreement and document signing

How to start using the eID card?

  1. Order the eID card with electronic signature certificate
  2. Buy a card reader, for example at one of these shops
  3. Prepare your computer for work with the eID card

How to set up Smart-ID with eID?

Setting up the qualified Smart-ID requires:

  • A smart phone with Android or iOS operating system
  • A computer ready for work with the eID card
  • eID card with valid certificates and PINs
  • eID card reader
How to register a Smart-ID account using an ID-card

What to do if your eID card is lost or stolen?

Get in touch with eParaksts customer service team by calling +371 67108787 or follow the instructions here.

What is the PIN calculator?

The PIN calculator is an electronic device that generates single-use, random codes. The PIN calculator is a suitable solution for you if you’re not a resident of Latvia or don’t use any smart device.




Remote access to banking agree agree agree
Payment and agreement confirmation agree agree agree
Size, cm 5x8 8x14 8x14
Advantages Compact Easy to use, with big buttons, suitable for seniors and persons with reduced mobility Easy to use, with big buttons + audio playback, suitable for visually impaired users
Instruction Instruction on how to log on to Internet Banking with the PIN calculator (Digipass 260) Instruction on how to log on to Internet Banking with the PIN calculator (Digipass 300C)

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