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3rd parties` e-services

The data from Latvian companies data basis

  • Commercial register;
  • Annual review register;
  • Commercial Pledge register.

Riga City Council e-services

  • Tax payer's account number
  • Estimated tax administration;
  • Property addresses, cadastral numbers
  • principal tax (if applicable), late charges;
  • current payment amounts;
  • pay real estate taxes

Access to self-service system "Mans Tet"

  • Detailed list of happened conversations;
  • Future expense report;
  • Archive of paid bills;
  • Possibility to choose favorable tariff plan;
  • Consultations and possibility to apply to new services.

E-services of Latvian municipalities

  • Viewing personal real estate data;
  • Paying the real estate tax;
  • Paying the real estate tax on behalf of an other person (available also for representatives of legal entities);
  • Contacting the municipality.

The data from Latvian companies data basis

  • Comapny and person reports;
  • Annual reports;
  • Commercial Pledge register.

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