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Electronic invoice preparation and delivery to customers has become a modern business practice which is convenient to both customers and businesses.

Swedbank offers a new e-invoicing solution which entails invoice delivery from the service provider to the payer’s Internet Banking account and comes with optional automatic invoice payment feature.

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Benefits for service providers


A solution for both delivery and payment of invoices in a secure environment - Swedbank Internet Banking. No expenditure of resources on sending out invoices on paper.

An opportunity to increase the number of regular payers and improve the payment discipline

E-invoices are delivered to your customers via Internet Banking. This is the environment which is already customary for payments. If all invoices are in one place, they are easier to pay. This translates into better payment discipline. Plus your customers have the option to enable the automated payment feature for your invoices.

Accurate incoming payment information and faster processing

With e-invoicing, the company gets accurate incoming payment information which, in turn, significantly speeds up invoice processing and helps avoiding mistakes. Automated payment of e-invoices allows planning incoming payment flow more precisely.

Easy-to-use reporting system

The company can get various automated, structured reports on received payments on a daily basis. The information is easy to filter, group and process and is compatible with the company’s invoice processing system.

Three steps for an e-invoice from the service provider to the payer on Internet Banking:

  1. The company and Swedbank sign the service agreement. A current account with Swedbank is required in order to use the e-invoicing service.
  2. The company sends bills itself (in .xml format according to Swedbank’s specifications) or through and intermediary - operator services. Swedbank cooperates with the following intermediaries - operators: Omniva ( and Fitek (
  3. The company has a choice of two electronic channels for delivering e-invoices to the bank - Swedbank Business Internet Banking or Swedbank Gateway. With Internet Banking, one e-invoice file may contain up to 600 e-invoices and be up to 10 MB in size. For larger volumes, we advise to use Swedbank Gateway.

    Starting from 21.05.2020 Swedbank supports PEPPOL BIS 3.0 format for sending e-invoices.


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