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Collect payments with e-invoices

  • Safe - we’ll present and send invoices to your customers on the Swedbank Internet Banking site.
  • Beneficial - up to 90% of customers opt for automatic payment of invoices.
  • Convenient - structured reports about agreements and payments of your customers.
  • Eco-friendly - paper invoices will be a thing of the past.

New! E-invoice sending to customers of other banks.


  • An e-invoice is an electronic document that is created, distributed and stored in an electronic environment. E-invoice corresponds to the original invoice and may be imported to the accounting systems.
  • The e-invoice sending service includes presentation of e-invoices issued by your company to the clients and receiving applications about ordered or terminated e-invoices.
  • E-invoice receivers can pay the e-invoice sent to their Internet Banking conveniently with a pre-filled payment order.
  • For the option of automated payment of e-invoices, the bank will offer and promote to the clients the conclusion of an e-invoice automated payment agreement on the basis of which transfers for future e-invoices will be made by the bank.
  • 80% to 90% of e-invoice receivers at our bank choose e-invoices to be paid automatically which in turn results in quick and easy payment collection.
  • Sending invoices digitally cuts transaction costs (such as printing and storage).
  • E-invoices are 60% to 80 % more efficient than traditional paper-based processing.
  • It shortens processing cycles, including payments of accounts receivable, and reduces the risk of human error.

In addition to e-invoice recipients who are customers of Swedbank, you can also send e-invoices to customers who have an account with other banks.

To apply for the service:

  1. send an Internet Banking message “About forwarding e-invoices to other service providers”;
  2. we will prepare the agreement;
  3. sign it and start using the service.

Take into account that it’s possible to apply for the service if the E-invoice Sending Agreement for Swedbank customers is signed and is in force.

For information on the technical conditions, see here.

List of currently available banks:

  • SEB banka

Additional services

In order to plan incoming cash flows according to the submitted e-invoices you can order additional reports which you can view and download via Business Internet Banking or receive via Swedbank Gateway:

  • E-invoice automated payment agreements concluded by your customers in our bank;
  • Payments made by the bank payers according to e-invoice automated payment agreements.

For more information please see here.

If you want to add more information to the e-invoice form, e.g. a logo or details, you can order the customized e-invoice service. Customized e-invoices can be presented only for e-invoice receivers that are Swedbank customers.

Sending e-invoices to the bank

E-invoices can be sent to the bank via Swedbank Gateway or through an intermediary (operator).

E-invoices can be sent to the bank via Swedbank Gateway service. In this case your company needs to additionally sign an agreement to enable this service and implement the Swedbank Gateway channel.

Your company can choose to additionally enter into an agreement for sending e-invoices with an operator who mediates the transfer of e-invoices to the bank. The service of mediating e-invoices is offered, for example, by Omniva and Unifiedpost (Fitek).

It is not mandatory to sign an e-invoice delivery agreement with the bank if the company uses an operator. However, that agreement gives the company’s clients an opportunity to order and cancel e-invoices through the bank’s channel and the opportunity for the company to order reports concerning e-invoice automated payment agreements.

Send e-invoices yourself Use an operator
E-invoice sending channel Internet Banking Swedbank Gateway Agreed with operator
E-invoice sending format XML XML
E-invoice sending standard 1.0 or PEPPOL BIS 3.0 1.0 or PEPPOL BIS 3.0
File size Up to 10 MB Up to approximately 30 MB
Number of e-invoices Up to 600 Unlimited

Useful information

  • Your company will have to send e-invoices in XML format data file to the bank in case you decide to send e-invoices yourself.
  • The business software used by your company should enable the creation of XML format e-invoice files that comply with the standard.
  • Please check our partners that support e-invoice generation in XML format.
  • In case you use the e-invoice operator service, then the format for e-invoice sending is agreed between your company and the operator. Please see our e-invoice service operators that could help your company.
  • With a view to ensuring the timely payment of e-invoices, your company should send the e-invoice 3 (three) working days in advance, but no later than 2 (two) calendar days before the due date of payment specified in the e-invoice.
  • E-invoices can also be sent to clients who do not use the Internet Banking but still wish to pay with automated payments.
  • When concluding an automated payment agreement, your customers choose the payment day from three possible options: 2 days after receipt, 2 days before the e-invoice due date specified in the e-invoice or on the e-invoice due date.
  • If the bank, when executing the payment according to the e-invoice automated payment agreement does not find the required amount of funds on the payment day selected by the customer, the bank will check your customer’s account on the same day + 6 more days.
  • For cancellation of a submitted e-invoice, your company must send a credit e-invoice the preparation requirements of which are available in the technical standard. An e-invoice can be cancelled only in its entirety.

To start using the e-invoice sending service you need to:

  1. Decide on e-invoice sending format and channel, i.e. whether your company will send e-invoices yourself via Swedbank Gateway service or through an operator You can find out more in the tab “How to send e-invoices”.
  2. Sign the e-invoice sending agreement. Your company needs to be Swedbank’s customer.
  3. You can start sending e-invoices to the bank after the e-invoice sending agreement is activated.

Good to know! An additional agreement needs to be signed to use enable e-invoice delivery to customers of other banks. To do so, send us an Internet Banking message “About forwarding e-invoices to other service providers”.

Agreement can be signed via Internet Banking by a member of the board who holds the sole representative rights of the company according to the Register of Enterprises.

Sign the agreement

Alternatively, if you wish to add additional conditions to the agreement or hold joint rights of representation of the company, you can submit an application.

Submit an application
Product/Service Price, EUR
Agreement signing 0.00 - 30.00 + VAT E-invoice Issuance Agreement – 30.00
E-invoice Issuance Agreement for other service providers – 0.00
Agreement amendment 15.00 + VAT
Monthly fee 20.00 + VAT
E-invoice delivery 0.19 + VAT Fee for import of 1 e-invoice: merchant - bank; operator - bank.
Custom e-invoice forms
Customized form implementation/modification for presenting imported invoices 80.00 + VAT Fee per one form
Report to the company for e-invoice applications Free of charge
Report to the company for e-invoices with enabled automated payment 9.50 + VAT Monthly fee
Report to the company for e-invoices paid by automated payment 9.50 + VAT Monthly fee
Closing the service Free of charge

ERP partners that can help your company to generate e-invoices in XML format:

ZZ Dats un Horizon

E-invoice service operators that could help your company to prepare and send e-invoices to the bank:

Omniva and Unifiedpost (Fitek)

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