Beware of scammers calling and asking for card and Internet Banking details or Smart-ID codes. Keep in mind - confirm with the Smart-ID or PIN calculator only the operations that you’ve initiated yourself (such as logging in to Internet Banking, making payments, registering the mobile app on a new device etc.).

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Accept payments online

Set up online payments for your e-shop

  • Integration with most common e-commerce platforms.
  • A single agreement will ensure transfers from the customers of Swedbank, SEB and Citadele banks.
  • The money for purchases by card will enter your account already in the morning of the following day.
  • Personal approach to every customer
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Special offer valid until 31.10.2020

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Monthly fee Free of charge EUR 20.00
Free of charge for the first 3 months
Card transaction fee* 2% + EUR 0.20 from 1.5% + EUR 0.10
Bank Link transaction fee Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, soon – Luminor 2% (min. EUR 0.20) 1.5% (min EUR 0.10)
Signing contracts via Internet Banking** Free of charge Free of charge

* VAT applicable to the fixed part of the fee.
** Preparation of contracts in paper format – EUR 20.00

  • Card payments by entering card number.
  • Payments via Bank Link from Swedbank, SEB and Citadele banks.
  • For ease of use - both solutions in a single platform.
  • Integration with most common e-commerce platforms - OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento.
  • Necessary Plugins.
  • PHP API library for convenient, custom-tailored integration.
  • Option to choose a ready-made online store platform operated by Mozello. Start selling right away without any integration.

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  • Intuitive, user-friendly payment environment compatible with any customer device.
  • 24/7 online reports system for payment cancellation and refunds, for identifying shopper habits and profiles.
  • Customized reports for Latvian accounting software (in CSV and XML formats).
  • Faster activation of the service for Swedbank customers.
  • We work without intermediaries, ensuring personal customer service and pricing policy.
  • A single agreement for accepting customer payments from the biggest banks of Latvia.

Set up your online store and make sure you’re compliant with Visa and Mastercard requirements.

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Sign the agreement.

Carry out the integration and start selling!

Accept card payments and expand your business by selling products worldwide 365 days a year. You don’t need to invoice customers, and money for purchases arrives in the company’s account the next day. Payment card acceptance also means greater trustworthiness of the site as the cardholder gets extra protection via the 3-D Secure 3-D Secure is a tool developed by Mastercard and Visa to provide e-commerce merchants and cardholders with greater security for their payment card transactions on the Internet. With 3-D Secure, the card issuer authenticates the cardholder online which helps online retailers significantly reduce card fraud cases. protocol.

You will have the following available

  • Payments with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Visa Electron cards in EUR currency If you wish to receive payments from customers in other currencies, get in touch with our partner Worldline to agree on implementation of a tailor-made solution..
  • Report system for managing cards and transactions:
    • Possibility to oversee all card payments and their statuses
    • Payment cancellation and full or partial refunds to customers
    • Reports and overviews for sales and accounting needs in various formats (CSV, XML).
    • Automatic or manual closing of the day which ensures receiving money for customer purchases in your company’s account in the morning of the next day.
  • Card number tokenization. Will let you offer a simplified payment method for regular customers. Once the customer’s card is registered in your e-shop, all future payments can be executed in a single step - payment confirmation. The customer no longer needs to re-enter all the card details for as long as the card is valid. This means more convenient shopping for customers - because they won’t need to enter card details every time again. Implementing this service will encourage repeat purchases in your e-shop, as well as reducing costs associated with card number storage and fulfilment of security requirements.
  • Standing orders. This service will enable you to charge payment for recurring services to your customers according to a payment schedule. Once the customer has entered all the card details and confirmed that they want to use this payment method, all future payments will happen automatically. This means automatic debiting of your customer’s account according to the payment schedule you’ve issued.

How does it work?

  1. The customer selects a product or service and chooses paying by card as the payment method.
  2. The customer enters data - first name, surname, card number, expiry date and security code (CVC).
  3. After online verification of card details the customer is redirected to the 3-D Secure verification page to confirm the cardholder’s identity.
  4. After successful verification, money for the payment is reserved in the cardholder’s account and the company get transaction confirmation.
  5. Money is credited to the company’s account in the morning of the next day.

What’s Bank Link?

Bank Link is a fast, convenient and secure solution for instantaneous payment processing.

It simplifies the process between the merchant and the bank, enabling to pay for purchases quickly and securely in e-shops via online banking facilities of Swedbank, SEB and Citadele.

  • The bank will immediately notify you of successfully executed payments - you won’t have to wait and look for payment confirmations in account statements and you’ll be able to fulfil customer orders faster.
  • If the payment is made through Swedbank’s Bank Link, you’ll get the money in your account immediately but if through the Bank Link of SEB or Citadele, then the money will be credited to the account during the next working day at the latest.
  • You can always set the payment details according to your preferences so that payments would be recognized without a hitch.

How does it work?

  1. The customer selects a product or service and chooses one Bank Link - that of Swedbank, SEB or Citadele - as the payment method.
  2. The customer is redirected to pre-filled payment order on the Internet Banking site or the mobile app.
  3. The company gets a notification about the transaction and money for the payment is transferred within seconds.

How do card transactions work?

In this video, you will find out about:

  • the card ecosystem and authorization flow;
  • possible transaction types;

How to start accepting payment cards?

In this video, you will learn about:

  • available card acceptance solutions;
  • how to obtain the terminal and how to quickly set it up;
  • where to get technical support.

Online card acceptance

In this video, you will get information about:

  • what is online card acceptance;
  • what are the benefits of online acceptance;
  • how do online payments work;
  • what are the requirements for online merchant;
  • how can the risk be minimized in online environment.

What is chargeback?

In this video, you will get to know about the chargebacks – the process, timeframe, responsibilities, and solutions to avoid them.

What is card fraud?

This will explain the key things about fraud:

  • what to do in case of suspected fraud;
  • how to minimize it.

What a merchant needs to do to be compliant?

This video will explain:

  • what are the main responsibilities of the merchant
  • how to ensure compliance with rules of the international card organizations and the bank.

What is the PCI DSS?

With this video, you will understand:

  • what is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS);
  • how card data can be stolen;
  • what are the consequences of the merchant not following the PCI DSS rules;
  • what can a merchant do to comply with the PCI DSS.

Payment Card Indrustry Security Standarts Council (PCI SSC) has been established by the leading international cards organisations Visa, MC, Amex, Diners, Discovery, JCB. PCI SSC had been worked out as PCI DSS rules and documents to regulate and define card security principles and policies. Payment security guidance must be applied to all entities (including banks, merchants, payment processors) which store, process or transmit cardholder data. These rules set the technical and operational requirements for organizations accepting or processing payment transactons.

Please see the latest version of requirements and standards here

All merchants that store, process or transmit cardholder data must be PCI DSS compliant.

What are the card data and sensitive authentication data elements?

How to make sure of compliance with PCI DSS requirements?

What are the requirements and objectives of PCI DSS?

Cardholders have the right to dispute any card transaction processed on a Mastercard or Visa card. Such disputes are resolved as chargebacks and are governed by a series of rules set forth by the international card organizations. In the chargeback process, the burden of proof lies with the merchant who is given the opportunity to provide supporting documentation to prove the legitimacy of the transaction. If the merchant is successful, the value of the transaction is credited back to their account. If the merchant is unsuccessful or does not respond in a timely fashion, they are held financially responsible for returning funds to the consumer who filed the complaint.

What are the most common Chargeback reasons?

How to avoid Chargebacks?

Merchants face various risks when accepting card transactions. This information has been put together to help you understand the types of risk you face and the steps to take in order to reduce the risk of loss. One of the greatest risks to merchants is that of fraudulent transactions. If you are not careful, fraud could cost your business dearly. Some types of merchants - depending on the type of goods sold - are more vulnerable to fraudulent transactions than others. Merchants should be aware that they may be targeted.
It is essential to understand the term "authorisation" - what it does and does not mean.

What does “authorization” mean?

What “authorization” does not mean?

What products are sold by e-shops that are subject to the risk of fraud the most?

Examples of transactions that warrant extra precaution

How to minimize the possibility of fraudulent purchases and chargebacks in e-shops?

Please contact us by calling 67 444 444 if you need a consultation or you wish to report a fraudulent situation. You can learn more about how to do your banking securely here.

The IT resources necessary for implementing the Swedbank Payment Portal can be outsourced. Below you will find information about IT companies offering such a service.

SIA Mozello
Special offer for Swedbank clients!

A ready-made online store platform provided by an internationally recognized Latvian company. Integrated marketing and CEO solutions, as well as payment systems.

Supported payment types: Swedbank Bank Link, Swedbank Payment Portal payments, API solution (custom programming) etc.

SIA Senet
Payment integrations: Swedbank Payment Portal (card acceptance on the web), Swedbank Bank Link, and other.
SIA Wonderland Media

External system integrations for various platforms: Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce and other.

Payment integrations: Swedbank maksājuma portāls, Swedbank Bank Link and other.

SIA iConcept,
22300307 (Matīss), 26466176 (Klāvs)

External system integrations for various platforms:Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Opencart.

Payment integrations: Swedbank Payment Portal, Swedbank Bank Link and other.

SIA Datateks
Payment integrations: Swedbank Payment Portal, Swedbank Bank Link and other.
Latvijas Tālrunis SIA
67770515, 29351376

External system integrations for various platforms: anaZana, Datateks.

Payment integrations: Swedbank Payment Portal, Swedbank Bank Link and other.

SIA Webdev

External system integrations for various platforms: OpenCart, NomasVeikals, Woocommerce.

Payment integrations: Swedbank Payment Portal, Swedbank Bank Link, Card Payments and other.

Additional information: Online shop development and rent. Automatic integration of wholesaler products. Ready-made, rent-based and custom-made solutions for any industry.

These companies are listed as examples of such service providers and are not affiliated with Swedbank. The given list of IT companies is not in the order of priority and is not exhaustive. You are free to engage other IT companies providing the necessary services.