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ERPLY Books accounting software on the Internet Bank

E-accounting service enables to use the ERPLY Books accounting software that has been integrated into the Internet Bank.

  • E-accounting service enables to use the ERPLY Books accounting software that has been integrated into the Internet Bank
  • The Basic plan can be used for free, whereas the Large plan have a 30-day free trial period
  • Banking transactions are transferred to the accounting software quickly and automatically – you do not need to import or export any files
  • Prepared payments can be made with just one click
  • You can also give user rights to your accountant or other employees of the company. If you do not have an accountant, you can choose between our partners CBB and Vērtības.

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ERPLY Books is a cloud-based, user-friendly professional accounting software that is automatically connected to Swedbank. The programme has all the necessary accounting functions for managing the accounts of small and medium-sized companies.

You can make banking transactions completely automatic with the EPRPLY Books accounting software. Synchronisation takes place at five-minute intervals and you are not required to upload or download any files in order to make payments. Enables you to create and send sales invoices and check to whom the invoice has been forwarded. You can send reminders to those who have not paid their invoices. You have your own unique e-mail address where you can send all your purchase invoices. Invoices will be automatically created from your e-mail attachments once you have set the appropriate settings. In other cases you can use PDF and scanners in order to create invoices. Since all files are stored, you can ensure paper-free accounting. In addition to invoice and payment functions, ERPLY Books is also equipped with other necessary accounting functions: manual journals, general ledger, fixed assets, payroll, etc. ERPLY Books has necessary reports for all parties: head of the company, tax authorities, accountant and auditor. Check your profitability from your 12 month balance sheet, monitor detailed statements of your accounts, file value added tax returns automatically, and create custom reports according to the auditor’s requirements with the report generator. ERPLY Books gives you an opportunity to start out simple but also allows for flexible growth. In case you have several departments and wish to monitor different cost and revenue centres, set automatic regulations or connect the software with other internal information systems, all these options are available in ERPLY Books.

How does integration work?

  • ERPLY Books synchronises all banking transactions within a couple of minutes of making them. In case you can connect payments with invoices and/or accounts, the programme will save the payments and create the corresponding entries.
  • Without any user-based regulations, approximately 80–90% of payments will be automatically connected to invoices and accounts.
  • The whole process can be entirely automated by adding the corresponding settings.
  • If you want to make purchase invoices/salaries/other payments, you can do so by clicking on the button “Send to bank”. You do not have to download or upload any files. NB! ERPLY Books will send the payments to the bank – the final confirmation of payment must be given on the Internet Bank.
  • You can make the payment process automatic by using the purchase mailbox and confirming invoices. The supplier sends you an invoice → ERPLY Books saves it and sends a confirmation request by e-mail → You confirm it and send the corresponding payment directly to Swedbank by e-mail.

The integration of ERPLY Books and the Internet Bank of Swedbank is useful for everybody

  • Accountants

By using the accountant panel, you can manage the pending payments of all companies, to which the programme has not found a suitable equivalent. For instance, you manage 30 companies, 20 of which had payments the day before – you can see from the panel that three companies have payments that need to be manually checked.

  • Small companies

Make sure that the processes regarding your claims and payables are as automatic and up-to-date as possible. This enables you to focus on your business activities.

  • E-commerce companies

The integration of the Internet Bank enables you to operate in real-time: you can start filling out the order immediately after receiving the payment and the whole process only takes five minutes (placing the order → paying for the order → preparing the order → sending out the package).

  • Retail and wholesale

Real-time payments provide better credit limit control for cash register employees.


0 € per month


10 € per month

Try for free!


50 € per month

Main functionalities (accounting, general ledger)
Invoices 1000 per month 1000 per month Unlimited
Email support
Users 2 2 5
Additional user 5 € per user 5 € per user 5 € per user
Purchase inbox (per invoice) Purchase Inbox is a functionality for automating your purchase invoices: you have your unique email where suppliers can send emails, software reads most PDF files automatically and the user interface shows you file when creating invoice. Alltogether with invoice approval and purchase invoice paying options Purchase Inbox can automate your purchase process 85% 0.15 € per invoice 0.15 € per invoice Unlimited
Additional services
Bank import With bank import you can connect your bank for automatic bank feeds (if we support your bank) or upload bank statement. After that the system automatically recognises up to 99% of transactions - by connecting them with invoice(s) and/or account(s). 1 €
Fixed assets With fixed assets you can use following functionalities: create or purchase fixed assets, calculate depreciation and see corresponding fixed asset reports 1 €
VAT report VAT / Sales tax report is the result of the transactions you have done with sales, purchase invoices and payments. But as the system supports all kind of tax rules then you can whether use built in tax files or create your own rules to download tax report. 1 €
Send emails With emails you can send out invoices, customer reminders, balance statements and even employee payslips. System checks if email is sent, received and opened (the last one of course depends on the email system used by the counterparty) 1 €
E-invoices 1 €
Create payment files You can select invoices you want to pay and click "create payment file". Supported formats include all European and Australian standards. For the rest of the world system supportes remittance advices and check printing with different layouts. 1 €
Customer report Customer report shows customer balances in different time periods. You can send out payment reminders and balance statements. In addition, you can add comments about connecting the customer (information about debts etc) and see the last time when an email was sent to customer. 5 €
Projects, objects, dimensions Using projects is a flexible feature in order to see all the needed dimensions, revenues and expenses, projects, objects. For example, you want to see all the expenses of some customer - you can make a project for that. When you have multiple departments you can divide these into projects. You can choose multiple projects at once and group these in order to have a better overview. 5 €
Detailed P/L and balance sheet By default, you can see ordinary income and balance statement. If you want to see 12-month statement, compared statement or make statement that is compiled based on your company's needs then you need detailed income and balande statement. 5 €
Invoice customization 5 €
Invoice integrations, API API (application programming interface) let's the user to create connections between ERPLY Books and some other application. You need the access to API when you need to connect your account with some partner program (exept for Swedbank). You need API for ERPLY inventory, for Envoice and for Omniva integration. If you want to create API connection with some software you need to have access to it. 5 €
Recurring invoices If you need send monthly invoices then you can use recurring invoice module for that. Add invoices that needs to be send out every day/week/month and then the system sends out the invoices. 5 €
Payroll 5 € 5 €
Report generator If the existing reports doesn't meet your requirements then you can create reports according to your needs. You can create reports that show who made some transaction in the past. You can also make reports that shows grouped data (e.g. see only some specific type of transactions by credit or debit journals). 10 € 10 €
Email address for Purchase Inbox with your own domain name By default, your Purchase Inbox email address looks like:, this feature will allow you to have your Purchase Inbox email this way: 10 € 10 €
Currency management Currency module allows the user to create invoices in different currencies. You can add currency accounts, manage bank import in different currencires, create a currency report and see different reports in different currencies. 10 € 10 €
Management reports Management reports are different key performance indicators, top 10 reports and other reports that show how your business is doing. 10 € 10 €
Automatic reminder letters You can add rules where the system checks every night if customers have overdue invoices and send out reminders (or customer balance statements). 10 € 10 €
Invoice approval You can approve invoice by sending approval requests via email or approve/reject invoice inside the system. 10 € 10 €
Additional location Please contact us for personal offer as we are happy to give volume discounts 10 € 10 €
Phone support 10 € per location 10 € per location 10 € per location

Partners of accounting services

CBB Konsultāciju birojs

One of the most experienced companies in Latvia offers services in the area of accounting, finance and taxation consultations.

  • A professional team and outstanding quality of services
  • Accounting services for both business and private customers
  • The quality of work appreciated by over 300 customers
  • Fast data processing in various software programs

Founded in 1997, the CBB has been in business for already 20 years, offering personal approach to very client.

A member of the international accounting company network Nexia International.

Contact details: tel. +371 67481592, e-mail:; website:

SIA EG Saldo

Our service offering ranges from routine accounting work to full-cycle accounting operations: planning > accounting > control.

  • We’re an innovative, young and positively charged collective
  • The values shared by our team is focus on the customer and their needs, security, and a sound environment.

In our cosy atmosphere, you will always be welcomed and served to the best of our abilities.

Contact details: tel. +371 27771149, e-mail:, website:



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