Beware of scammers calling and asking for card and Internet Banking details or Smart-ID codes. Keep in mind - confirm with the Smart-ID or PIN calculator only the operations that you’ve initiated yourself (such as logging in to Internet Banking, making payments, registering the mobile app on a new device etc.).

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Swedbank Latvia

Swedbank Latvia is the largest bank in Latvia which nearly 1 million people and over 83,000 businesses have chosen as their partner in financial matters. Today, Swedbank is a key driving force behind the country's economic and regional development which ensures continuous availability of financial services, offering clients support with a modern consultation centre and the widest branch and ATM network in Latvia. Swedbank operates with a view to promoting sustainable welfare for the many households and enterprises. The bank's day-to-day work is rooted in its three fundamental values - simple, open and caring.

We provide each customer with 24-hour access to their money and our other services over the phone, via internet and through the bank's mobile app. Our customers can withdraw cash in every region of Latvia from a total of 360 ATMs and receive banking consultations in nearly 42 branches of the bank all over Latvia.


Reinis Rubenis

Renārs Rūsis

Gundega Genca

Vadims Frolovs

Līga Šķendere

Ruta Malacanova

Juris Bogdanovs

In addition to Swedbank Board members, Swedbank Management consist of:

Māris Plūme

Agita Jākobsone

Agnese Garda

Lauris Mencis

Tiina Sepa

  • Head of Baltic Banking Legal, Deputy Chair of the Council

Bjӧrn Mikael Elfstrand

  • Head of Group Savings, Member of the Council

Jon Lidefelt

  • Head of Baltic Banking

Tarmo Pajumets

  • Head of Group IT, Member of Council

Mustapha Messili

  • Head of Group Risk, Member of Council

Jon Lidefelt

  • Head of Baltic Banking

Reinis Rubenis

  • Head of Swedbank in Latvia

Maris Plume

  • Head of Communication Latvia, Baltic Banking coordinator

Linda Nyman

  • Head of Baltic Banking Human Resources

Eugenijus Preikša

  • Head of Baltic Banking Risk

Kerstin Pilt

  • Baltic Compliance Coordinator

Ieva Vīgante

  • Head of Corporate Segment, Baltic Banking

Tiina Sepa

  • Head of Baltic Banking Legal

Rūta Kinderytė

  • Business Information Officer for Baltic Banking

Andres Tukk

  • Head of Baltic Banking Segment Management Private

Olavi Lepp

  • Head of Swedbank in Estonia

Dovilė Grigienė

  • Head of Swedbank in Lithuania

Loreta Lapinskaitė

  • Head of Channel Management

Kristina Mikenberg

  • Head of Risk Management Baltic Banking