Customer value and sustainability are the core of our strategy

By being a profitable bank with low risk, we are able to build relationships that meet our customers' needs in both the short and long term. The aim of our strategy is to create sustainable value for customers, society, shareholders and employees.

Accesible full-service bank

We provide households and businesses with everything from basic transaction services to the most advanced advisory services. Our goal is to do it in a sustainable way that creates customer value.

Decision making close to our customers

Our offering is designed with our customers in mind. All decisions are therefore made as close to customers as possible - without unnecessary lead times and helped by the adviser's knowledge of the local market. That competence is also the basis for what products and services are offered. The advisor takes responsibility for pricing, risk, profit and loss, and balance sheet. This promotes employee engagement as well as opportunities for personal development for our staff, in tandem with creating incentives for adaption to local needs and improved accessibility, which strengthen customer value.

Low risk

Swedbank's mortgages and other lending are financed through capital market funding. Stable profitability and low risk are essential in order to win the trust of this market. For earnings to remain stable over time requires a low risk level. A low risk profile facilitates low funding costs, which benefit all our stakeholders. Risk is kept low by the high quality of the bank's lending, where each borrower's solvency, solidity and collateral are always the determining factors.

High cost efficiency

External trends increase the importance of being able to manage capital and expenses efficiently. Capital efficiency is attained through our employees being knowledgeable about customers and what affects risk weighted assets and tied-up capital. Cost efficiency is among other things attained by developing our products cooperatively at the Group level. Our broad customer base gives us the economies of scale and opportunities to create cost-effective solutions with the help of new technology. We continuously adapt to external trends in order to do things better, more simply and more efficiently. To be the market leader in cost efficiency, we promote a corporate culture where all employees are well aware of and cautious with expenses. The more cost-effective we are, the more customer value can be created through greater investment opportunities.

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