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Institute of finances

About institute

The Institute of Finances is an educational unit of Swedbank charged with a mission to facilitate society's financial literacy through encouraging sustainable financial habits in all groups of society, including businesses.

Its activities are aimed at promoting the financial stability of general population and small businesses by providing informational support in various finance-related matters and by offering practical tools for financial planning and business development.

Learn more about the Institute's studies and activities on the website There you'll also find useful advice and calculators to help estimate changes in income in various life situations (state benefits, legislative amendments, etc.). The Institute of Finances carries out its small business support activities through the Business Network platform where entrepreneurs can establish contacts, have discussions, attend topical seminars, as well as using other possibilities provided by the platform.

In addition, Swedbank's Institute of Finances is developing collaboration with general educational establishments, academic circles, public institutions and NGOs in order to jointly implement different activities aimed at public awareness, as well as to participate in discussions with various social groups.

Institute of Finances team


Adress: Balasta dambis 15, Riga,
LV-1048, Latvia