Contribution to society

  • Financial contribution of
    393 thousand euros
  • Employee contribution
    of 1029 hours


Year after year Swedbank has been delivering on its commitment to conduct socially responsible business. Through various social initiatives Swedbank implements the company's vision of encouraging the development of people, businesses and the society, therefore we focus on what matters most for sustainable further growth of Latvia, its society and economy. We are convinced that Latvia's path towards growth lies specifically in education. It is this area where we develop our initiatives and work in long-term partnerships.

We have defined the criteria against which we assess each proposal or idea in the bank's support area. In considering proposals for cooperation, Swedbank looks at:

  • whether the project is in line with Swedbank's fundamental values and the current and future needs of our clients and the society;
  • the extent to which the project appeals to and engages a wider society, it has a systemic impact and adds to public benefit;
  • partners' professionalism and experience and project's sustainability;
  • opportunities for Swedbank employees and customers to join in the project.

Swedbank will not support:

  • projects which contradict the values of the bank;
  • political and religious organizations;
  • projects that are hazardous to the environment and the safety of people, high-risk activities;
  • applications by individuals.

For cooperation opportunities, please contact us by e-mail to

Swedbank for Education 2018

Swedbank’s School Program “Ready for Life”

2000 delivered lectures and thousands of motivated students. Guest lectures of Swedbank employees show how the school knowledge is used in financial professions and situations.

Mission Possible

Swedbank has co-founded and supports a movement which in its 10 years has helped 158 committed university graduates to become good teachers and leaders.

Student enterprises

This practical education programme, which fosters an enterprising mindset in pupils and facilitates development of business skills, is already available in over 200 schools and to more than 100 000 pupils all over Latvia.

Award of excellence to pupils with dyslexia

In cooperation with the Latvian Dyslexia Society we have established a prize for pupils with dyslexia, welcoming their efforts to integrate into the education process despite reading difficulties.

Cooperation with universities

By supporting university incubators and educational projects and delivering guest lectures, Swedbank supplements the tertiary education curriculum.

Excellence award

Swedbank supports highly professional teachers and, through their example, also inspires other teaching professionals for increasingly better work.

Conversation festival LAMPA

Swedbank is a co-founder, supporter and educational contents patron in the festival. The fourth conversation festival LAMPA attracted over 16 000 people.

Swedbank Finance Institute

Swedbank Finance Institute continues to highlight important financial literacy aspects by organizing different researches and creating content in areas like housing affordability, saving culture, inheritance, living costs and other, spreading the message through media and Swedbank content platforms which reach 1.1mio unique readers and deliver 2.5mio read articles.