Beware of scammers calling and asking for card and Internet Banking details or Smart-ID codes. Keep in mind - confirm with the Smart-ID or PIN calculator only the operations that you’ve initiated yourself (such as logging in to Internet Banking, making payments, registering the mobile app on a new device etc.).

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Frequently asked questions

Normally, there are several stages in a competition, starting with a telephone interview and ending with a face-to-face meeting and various hands-on tasks. The selection process usually lasts approximately 1 month. If you've applied for a specific position, then the response - an invitation to participate in the competition or a rejection letter - will normally be received within two weeks after the application deadline. The case with response after face-to-face meetings is similar. Swedbank has a wide variety of job opportunities and areas, which means that processionals specialized in virtually any field can work for us. In case you don't find anything suitable among these offers, but still really want to work at Swedbank, send us your CV to specifying the area where you'd like to work, and we may find a suitable position for you to offer.

We're positive about candidates who repeatedly take part in competitions for job vacancies in our company. For us it means that people want and are determined to work specifically for us. It is essential for a person themselves to know and understand in which area or direction they want to accumulate their job experience.

We're also aware that people study, improve their knowledge and accumulate experience - sometimes there are situations when the experience necessary for the job can be obtained in another job. If you know the area where you want to have your career and you pursue it with determination, then the employer will also notice and appreciate it.

Yes, information about Swedbank Group vacancies is available here.